Netflix says “The FSC? Free Speech Coalition? Who is That?”

I see that The FSC is attention whoring again..I know whats new right?  well I spent Friday making phone calls and doing the kind of thing I used to do here.  Since the FSC is saying don’t trust Netflix I called their public relations department and spoke with someone about it.  I asked if they had a comment about the FSC encouraging people in adult not to work with Netflix.  The persons response…? “Who?”  I said The FSC, The Free Speech Coalition.  The response was “Im sorry we are unaware of any such organization.  They went on to explain that the whole idea that they “work with anyone” in production, is ludicrous.  Even in cases where Netflix Produces a show, like Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, Netflix has nothing to do with it beyond funding, the actual production is done by the company they hire to create and write the show.

I don’t think this comes as a shock to anyone.

They went on to say that if there were specific issues with “Hot Girls Wanted” that would be with the production company of Rashida Jones, Netflix didn’t even produce the show, they simply purchased the rights.

No Surprise there either…So why is The FSC attacking Netflix…well I don’t have to be an ace investigative reporter to get that one…attention whoring…Netflix is a name people have heard of …Le Train Train Productions  (Rashida Jones Production company) not so much.

I spoke with someone at Le Train Train who wished to remain unamed because legal action may be in the table.

Now Its not gonna come as a surprise to any of you that porn girls (and guys) were beating down the door to be in Hot Girls Wanted 2.  After all this is a biz built on the need for attention.  LTTs spokesperson assured me that they had full releases from everyone in the video, giving LTT full rights including the right to use a real or fictitious name, and most importantly the right to edit and compose the show in any way that they see fit.  The release specifically says the participants have NO right to edit the show in any way, no final approval over content or substance.

So here’s the truth, If you went on camera for Hot Girls Wanted and you got an STD or you got too fucked up to be coherent or you said something stupid…that’s on YOU!  It isn’t Rashida Jones fault and it DAMN sure isn’t Netflix fault.

Oh and Hot Girls Wanted 3….Porn chicks are lined up, begging to be a part of it.  Oh and a big part of that one may turn out to be the rampant proliferation of STDs in the Porn Valley talent pool.

The FSC should be doing something substantive to help the industry, instead they are an embarrassment.

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  1. mharris127

    This article makes sense. I haven’t watched the second in the Hot Girls Wanted series (I did see the first filmed a few years ago). I couldn’t figure out why Netflix and Rashida’s company would take chances with doing the things that the Fucking Screech “Coalition” would accuse them of. I would hope people (especially Annika Albrite who has been the loudest porn performer in this campaign to discredit HGW, that was the last performer I would have expected to do something stupid) would know when they are interviewed by media outlets they better not say anything that could be misconstrued or tweaked to make someone look like an ass. The first HGW actually didn’t look that bad as far as how the girls were presented. Riley Reynolds did look like sort of a goof but IIRC the problem there (for him) was it put him in the media spotlight and was the impetus for those knowing about the shady shit he does off camera to drop the dime on him. However, the series also made Riley a known figure and probably got him tens of new models to represent.

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