The Top 10 Best Selling DVDs for February 2019

It’s time to look at what movies are topping the DVD sales charts yet again. I know that people say DVDs are so old school, but while it’s true the sales of DVDs may be down overall, they aren’t dead! Full-length movies (not just individual scenes) are still very much a thing. So which movies are the best selling?

The Top 10 Best Selling DVDs for February 2019

  1. Blacked Raw V8 (Blacked Raw)
  2. The Flight Attendants (Marc Dorcel)
  3. Anal Beauty #10 (Tushy)
  4. Step Son … Cum Inside Me 2 (Manipulative Media)
  5. Girl Obsession 4 (Sex Art)
  6. Group Sex (Baeb)
  7. 40 Years Old. The Education of my Young Neighbor (Marc Dorcel)
  8. Mom’s Guide to Sex 4 (Crave Media)
  9. Interracial Icon #9 (Blacked)
  10. Anal Beauty #11 (Tushy)


5 Replies to “The Top 10 Best Selling DVDs for February 2019”

  1. dafib

    Does this include videos purchased on-line through sites like where you own the movie but it on-line and not on an actual DVD in a box?

  2. Bigboutya

    When Doron Martin AKA was the PA at Dogfart he said it perfectly. The dvd is the last ditch effort to squeeze the last $ out of the content.

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