Theodora @theonlytheodora held at airport for 32 hours, denied entry to United States to attend AVN show

Theodora @theonlytheodora held at airport for 32 hours, denied entry to United States to attend AVN show

I know I don’t post very often here on Mike South but I appreciate them giving me a platform to speak out when things like this come up. This story really bothered me and I’m grateful to have a place like this to come and speak about the injustices I find.

Theodora, a French adult starlet, producer and winner of the XBIZ Clip Performer of the year for 2018 wasn’t able to attend the AVN show this year because she was held up in customs.

According to her recent tweets, authorities were concerned about her arrived in the US she was a woman traveling alone with high heels and condoms in her luggage.

She said her only plans were partying at the adult entertainment expo and getting dicked down during her holiday in the states, for which she had even rented a pool side villa to do so. In other words, she was just a girl looking to have a little fun in Las Vegas.

But after being held for 36 hours at the airport, in part due to the government shutdown, they finally sent her back home, denying her entry into the United States.

She goes on to say that they did search her phone but that they found nothing as she doesn’t take her “porn” iPad with me, just in case.

She did nothing illegal. She wasn’t coming here to work. She was here for a vacation, to visit with friends and fans at the adult entertainment expo.

So why was she really denied entry? Was it just because she was a porn star? A profession that is legal in this country.

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  1. smoke_the_one

    Entering the US is a privilege not a right. You don’t mention “partying” and sex to immigration. You tell them you come here for vacation and show them return ticket, no need for details.

  2. joeschmoe

    Yeah, unfortunately from a TSA view under a GOP administration, she said enough buzz words that they felt she was coming to escort.

    Even travelling with condoms as a single woman who has an online porn persona is not wise. Can buy them at your destination.

    But plenty of performers did come to AVN and many of them escorted; so this may have just been a particular activist “moral values” TSA agent who saw someone who looked like a porn star ,checked her out , and decided to be a dick about it.

  3. Bigboutya

    2 people mentioned TSA. I thought they’re only involved when you want to board a plane to leave? This article mentioned CBP not TSA

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